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. .. Danilo Formaggia is a fine example of ancient and modern tenor, a term of comparison could be, yesterday, Giacinto Prandelli ... dosage of winds, care of the legate, muffled and reinforced sounds are those of the old excellent school, but musicality and interpretative taste sound current ...

(Paolo Patrizi) Classic Voice


... Danilo Formaggia set the fuses on fire creating an Alfredo like for some time not heard in the theater; He sung with a male timbre, without subterfuges and compromises in falsetto sounds and with a vehemence and a stage participation that have cleared customs, in the final analysis, the aspect that is no longer that of the boy. When you sing like this - the comparison may be risky, but it was the case of Bergonzi and, before him, of Gigli - the aspect is completely secondary, because the sung word, the accent, the phrasing, the compelling interpretation. (Andrea Merli) I Teatri dell'Est...e non solo

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